Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grid, Adaptor, left to right into top to bottom

Say we have list of object as follows,
list =
.size() = 14
and need to show it in grid control that scroll vertically as follows,
// assume we want three columns.
int columns = 3;
// first calculate number of rows.
int rows = (columns-1+list.size())/columns;

Or into grid control that scroll horizontally as follows,
//assume we want three rows.
int rows = 3;
// first calculate number of rows.
int columns = (rows-1+list.size())/rows;

Mostly we use adaptor to fetch the item to show in each cell.
In this case adaptor can choose the index equal to position, 

int index = position;
return list.get(index); 

But say some cases we may have to change to order in display. for example. top to bottom as shown below:
But if the control fetch base on position from left to right as show below:
then, we need to add proper calculation inside the adaptor:

int index =position/columns+position%columns*rows;
return list.get(index); 

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