Sunday, April 11, 2010

Counting boxes

I used to count boxes from any surface wherever I saw. Say, If we have a rectangle surface with boxes as shown here.

1. We can count all boxes one by one like this.

2. But, Yes, simply we can count rows and columns and multiply to get the total.

Yes that is 4x6=24, In this case we have to count two times(1-4,1-6)

3. What if we count like one of the following way.

We have to count only one time (1-6) but we have to remember the number once we reach edge.

I see counting diagonally means, counting both rows and columns at once. This different type of counting is possible(or we may use) in different situations in our life. May be sizing a problem etc. I am looking forward to see any real world examples/applications to match this. I just thought to write so you also can think.